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Tanning Tips From the Pro's

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By Libby Holland 
As the sad realisation that our Summer Holiday Tan may not be happening this year, that doesn't mean our tan can still be on point! 
So with a few extra tips you'll be looking like a bronzed godess - even if it is from home. 
There are certain things we all know about self-tanning exfoliate beforehand, wear loose clothing afterwards, don’t shower for at least eight hours. But with a little expert guidance, you can elevate your skills to the next level.
Don't worry we've done the research for you..



#1 Moisturise

Try shaving 1-2 days before applying tan. After shaving, moisturise and let it soak overnight.Take a COLD shower the next morning as it will keep your pores closed. Moisturise again.
Once tan has been applied relax in baggy clothes to avoid lines, take a lukewarm shower then moisturise again.Then voila, you should be good to go!

Moisturise daily after applying tan for a longer lasting and streak-free tan.




#2 Colour Guide

Always pick a product that has instant colour so you can see if you have missed any spots straight away. This will help ensure a flawless coverage, and without any of those pesky streaks. 




#3 Start From The Bottom 

Always start at the bottom of the legs, try using a slightly lighter shade around your knees and ankles, to give a more natural look to your tan. 
Always work your way up  toward the shoulders. Save your arms and hands for last so that you don’t end up with extra colour or patchiness. 

#4 Formula Matters

When it comes to tanning your face, this can be the trickiest of all!  Use a self-tan specifically for the face. The skin on your face has a tendency to go a little darker as your PH balance is higher. But the first thing you need to do, is make sure you are choosing a tan that is the right formula for your skin type. 

     #5 Tanning Tools

 Unless your other half is a dedicated co-pilot during every fake tan venture, tanning your back can seem like an impossible task. Investing in a back spatula or back tanning mit, will help you to reach those nooks and crannies that are easily missed.

 #6 After Care

This step is SUPER important when it comes to maintaining that glow!
Although it will differ depending on the self-tan formula you choose. However a few simple rules to follow by are too exfoliate after four days to keep the skin surface feeling fresh, use a waterproof SPF when in the sun as this prevents your self-tan from breaking down and make sure you use dabbing motions to dry off when out of the shower. 
But the golden rule that applies to all of the above is moisturise every day to lock the colour in and encourage a gentle fade.
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