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International Women's Day : Best Dressed & Most Influential

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By Libby Holland 


International Women’s day marks a Day of unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action - whatever that looks like globally or at a local level.

Where it all started...

Started in the early 1900's, the tenacious Suffragettes forged purposeful action for equality. It was the Suffragettes who started International Women's Day, with the first officially named event held in 1911.
And still to this day, International Women's Day continues to be a powerful platform globally that unifies tenacity and drives action for gender parity, while celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women.
So to celebrate international Women’s Day 2020 we have decided to look at some of the best dressed and most influential women in today’s society.
These 6 inspiring women are beautiful, empowering, independent and definitely not scared to stand up and speak their truth.

Serena Williams 

“I just never give up. I fight to the end. “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does,
Whether she’s on the court or off it, Serena Williams is the belle of the ball. Williams’ fashion choices continue to make headlines the world over, and for good reason. Whether she's pulling a JT & Britney with an all-denim number on court, or pairing trainers with evening gowns, Williams ensures that her personality and passions shine through. 

Meghan Markle

From young activist, to team feminist, to accomplished actor and then a royal, is there anything Meghan can’t do?
Becoming a royal catapulted both Meghan and her wardrobe choices to being one of the most followed style icons of today. During her seemingly short time as a royal Meghan has faced undoubted scrutiny from every angle. From what she wears, or doesn’t wear, her relationship with her father, her career prior to marrying harry, to the fact that she is the very possibly the first biracial women to be part of the British Royal family. Meghan has been breaking all of the rules and quite frankly were here for it.

Jameela Jamil

“I wanted a mini online museum of women who were valuing themselves properly,”

Whether she's on the red carpet or taking selfies in a bathroom mirror, Jameela Jamil’s style always makes a statement. The former TV presenter and BBC Radio 1 DJ has sought to be an advocate for body positivity; fighting against a toxic diet culture. In 2018 Jamil created her movement, I Weigh which is an Instagram account dedicated to uplifting women, their bodies, achievements and inner qualities. Jamil is NOT afraid to speak out, stand up and make her voice heard and she doesn't really care what anyone thinks of her as she does so.


Adowa Aboah


At 26, Aboah is one of the most photographed women in the world. But she describes herself as an activist first and a model second. Her platform Gurls Talk, provides a safe haven for young girls to discuss topics surrounding mental health, sexual identity, race, and more. What started as a Instagram account has now grown it into a weekly podcast and a series of global events that have brought girls and women together in cities all over the world.  

She continually defies social standards of beauty, living life on her own terms while helping others along the way. She uses her voice as a vessel to speak her truth, which is raw, genuine, empowering, and unapologetic and we love it. If she isn't the epitome of a role model then I don’t know what is!



“You, me, trans women, women of all sizes, paraplegic woman, all women are important women! All women belong here, on the biggest platform that I can give them.”

Grammy-winning vocalist, beauty mogul, talented designer and total fashion icon, Rihanna pushes boundaries with everything she does! No matter what she’s selling, inclusivity is at the forefront. She caters for every shade, shape and size and does it unapologetically, challenging beauty standards and promoting change across all industries!


Ashley Graham


"You are bold, you are brilliant, and you are beautiful…There is no other woman like you. You are capable.”

At the heart of the conversation surrounding body positivity in the world of fashion is Ashley Graham, who fights for size inclusivity on and off the runway. We have all fallen in love with the gorgeous, gregarious woman with confidence that commands attention! She’s campaigning for “curvy girls”—her term of choice. While she wears many hats (speaker, TV presenter, writer, designer, podcast host, and activist) her message remains the same. Ashley Graham is someone who knows what she needs to do in order to make the change –BE the change. 


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