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Tips on How to Revamp Your Room

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By Libby Holland
Bored in the house and you’re in the house bored?
Don't worry aren't we all by now? We've all spent so much time in our rooms over the last few months, while in lockdown that it's so wonder we ready to revamp our rooms! 
We have the perfect inspiration and some top tips,  to give your room that well need refresh this season. 
Creating a bedroom that you actually want to spend time in is really important. Your room should be a place to escape, relax and shut off the outside world. 



Spring Clear Out 

Your first step when having a makeover of any kind, is to get your Mrs. Hinch head on and do a spring clear-out! This will allow you to get rid of any unwanted junk that has been hiding, and also create a fresh looking organised space for you to start your revamp. 




Shelf Goals 

 Try adding extra shelves and organisers for items that you want to display. Such as makeup, makeup brushes, candles, jewellery and photos. By adding a simple shelf above your bed to create a effective and easy focus point to your room and also give you blogger bedroom goals girl.
Display any items your want, or print out some of your favourite fashion or scenic images from the gram and frame in different sizes. Overlap each image on the shelf then add a candle or ornament/ plant to finish off the look.
Try to keep it to a minimal still, as less it always more when it comes to room decoration. 

Gallery Wall 

Creating a gallery wall is an easy way to add a little personality to your bedroom. Play around with different print sizes and frames to keep it looking fresh. This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can even print out your own images and pop them in frames from supermarkets or home-ware shops.
If you are renting and worries about marking the wall, a gallery shelf looks equally as good.




House Plants 

Not only do house plants look stunning aesthetically, by giving a much more fresh and brightened look to a room, they are also good for our health. Research has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxin in 24 hours. Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for pretty much any space your in. 




Statement Furniture 

Hit refresh on your tired looking furniture and create the perfect bedroom chair or dresser stool and don't be afraid of some DIY.

Purchase or up-cycle some fave fabric, that is personal to your taste, that will also make a statement and get to work on an old stool. Painting the legs silver or gold will give an expensive look to your new seat.

And ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled for that next statement bargain, second hand shops and vintage fairs are amazing places to pick up, one off statement bargains that can make your space unique to you. 




Keep it Minimal 

If you frequently stumble over piles of clothing on the floor, find crumbs in your bed and spend an hour rifling through your closet just to find what you’re looking for, then it's time for a change, my friend.  

DIY Mirror 

TOP TIP: Go big when decorating with a mirror in a small room. It creates the illusion of depth.


Probably one of the biggest bedroom trends that has come out of lockdown, is DIY mirrors. Whether you try your hand at a expanding foam mirror, flower mirror or even a hand painted mirror the options are quite frankly endless! 
It's time to get your creativity flowing and don't be scared to have some fun with
Expanding Foam Mirror: 
Head down your local hardware shop, and grab yourself a couple of cans of expanding foam, then set up a space preferably outside- so you don't get the foam on anything you don't want, place your mirror on some card or newspaper and start your latest master piece. Hold can upside-down away from the face and start filling the outer edge of the mirror.
Don’t overfill. The foam will expand nearly 3 times the initial volume extruded, you can always add an additional layer later.
If you manage to get PU foam where you don’t want it to be? Don’t wipe it up, this will make the mess worse. Instead, let it harden completely and then scrape or sand it off.

Flower Mirror:

Never miss a photo opportunity again and create your very own flower wall themed mirror. Buy a selection of false flowers apply around the frame, secure using a strong adhesive and you can add fairy lights for that extra sparkle.




Hanging Ivy 

If your not a green fingered godess, then this is the perfect solution for your house plant worries. 
Hanging ivy around your room, bed or shelving is an easy way to add a little greenery to your environment. But If you kill more plants than you can keep, opt for some artificial Ivy instead. It’s really cheap to buy, will never die and can be threaded around fairy lights for an extra glow up.



Now that your room is fully revamped, what about your wardrobe? To find all the latest must have items, Check Out Our NEW IN section for the most fashion-forward pieces of the season. Follow us on Instagram and be sure to tag and #hachugal for a chance to be featured!


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