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How to Give your Wardrobe a Revamp

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By Libby Holland
Time for a wardrobe revamp? If you’ve always wanted to have a tidy out and a de-clutter but never found the time to do it, then now is the perfect time!


The Edit


The first step to a clean and organised wardrobe space, is to remove the things you no longer wear. 


A good rule/tip for making it easier to part with your pieces, if you haven’t worn it in a year then let it go!  Whether you want to donate or Depop, make sure you part with the things that no longer fit your style. 




Matchy Matchy 


Messy, unmatching hangers can be a sight for sore eyes.  

So investing in a couple of sets of matching hangers can really help to create the uniformed, cohesive look you are trying to create in this space. Also look at investing in any space saving wardrobe add on’s from shoe racks to hat hangers. 

 This is your space, so take pride in it and make it work for you. 






The easiest way to make space in your wardrobe is look at the items seasonally. There is not much point in keeping all your winter knits in with your silk slip summer dresses.  So keep what’s fitting for the season and store the rest away. 

Use vacuum bags or simple storage solutions to store the out of season items, allowing you to keep your wardrobe looking on trend and make it much easier to navigate through your pieces.







What categories you choose to organise your space by is entirely your choice. You can choose from; item type, trend type, outfit ideas and my personal favourite by colour. 

By categorising your wardrobe it will make it a much easier space to navigate through, meaning that you will be able to find the items your looking for much, much quicker. Meaning no more meltdowns, trying to look for that shirt, or them jeans. 





Odd Ends


Draw dividers are a great idea to help organise not only your smaller items, but things like your bralettes, bikinis and all your other foldable items. 

Another great way of sorting out your small pieces is with either collapsible story spaces that can be easily stored under the bed, or if for items you may want to show off a little, like bags, belts and accessories there are loads of super stylish and super cheap clear acrylic storing solutions. 





Depop or Donate


Now that you’ve finished organising and revamping your crazy closet space. 

It’s time to make that shhhmoneyyyy $$$. 

By getting those items listed on Depop or EBay you are able to share your unwanted pieces with people who will give them new life and love them just as much as you once did. Anything else can be donated to a charity shop, or sent off to be recycled. 





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