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How to Get the Most from Working at Home

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By Libby Holland


 As many of us are now aware, businesses across the world are being urged to close there doors for the time being and encouraging employees to work from home.
For some this is welcomed changed, meaning the end to chaotic commutes, and having to set 6 alarms just to make sure you didn’t snooze the previous 6. But for some the idea of working from home brings nothing but dread.
So here are our top tips for staying motivated, and achieving the most out of working at home:


Set Your Hours

The night before, take some time to plan our your day. Plan your working hours for the next day and also what work needs to be done, but don’t forget to timetable a well needed and well deserved lunch break but not too many though or before you know it, you’ll have spent all day with a face full of cookies. By planning and sticking to your set working hours you will be able to be more focused on the tasks at hand.



Dress Comfortably

This is probably one of the biggest pros you get from working at home. You can literally wear whatever the hell you want, from your birthday suit to your fave fluffy pj’s, comfort is absolutely key. Get up, shower, put your comfy clothes on and get ready to seize the day.



Natural Work Space

As tough and as temping as it can be to laze in bed and work from there, you will find that it is all to easy to slip back into a cheeky nap. So grab your laptop and whatever work essentials you’ll need to succeed, and find yourself a room that has lots of natural light or pick your favourite spot near a window and get to work. Research shows that access to natural light has a direct impact in efficiency, creativity and workplace well-being.



No Distractions

I repeat NO DISTRACTIONS! Turn that phone OFF!  Ok so we know this wont work for everyone, as now a days most of have a work phone, or use our own phone for work too, which can make it much harder to switch off and focus on the work at hand. But in the case you have a works phone, take your personal phone to another room, or place it on DND. If you have your own phone, and the temptation of seeing a notification banner and having to click on it, turn off all notifications and check your updates on your lunch break. Yes you are going to need a little will power.


In the Zone

As boring as it might sound, the best way to achieve the most out of working from home, is to treat it like ‘its just another day in the office’ because even though your settings have changed, your goals have not. This is not a time to catch up on household chores, or catch-up with friends. By recreating your work environment, but from the comfort of your home you are most likely going to tick everything off your to do list, and possibly even with time to spare, meaning you can quite happily treat yourself to a early finish?



White Noise

We all know how irritating background noises can be, whether it’s your neighbour’s noisy dog, the noise of traffic or the low rattle of your washing machine, background noises are distracting AF. Grab your headphones and listen your favourite playlist – something chilled maybe? If you find music distracting then a pair of earplugs may help minimise any distracting noises and keep you focused.


Annnnnd Relax

Once your in that zone, and your productivity it at it’s peak, it can be quite easy to stay in the space and forget to mentally and physically wind down and switch off, when your working day is done. Make sure that you set a clear end to your working day, whether it be marked by popping on your favourite soap, a stroll in the park, a session in the gym, or just cooking tea. We all need some wind down time, especially after a day of working, so make sure you get your work done and ticked off so you can enjoy your evening of relaxing.





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