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Healthy Habits To Start while Staying at Home

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By Libby Holland 
Quarantine has us all feeling uncertain but it's important to keep positive and stay grounded. So to help boost our mood and keep our minds at their best, here’s our top tips on healthy habits to start now.
Making Your Bed in The Morning
It all starts first thing as you wake up. It’s also a easy way to trick yourself into into feeling like you’re organised and ready to start the day. This can be even more important if the space you’re currently working from home in happens to be your bedroom.





Stay Hydrated

We all know that we need to stay hydrated to stay healthy anyway, drinking a supposed 5 litres a day, a great way to start the day is with a glass of water every morning. You are much more likely to feel refreshed, and more awake and alert.





Take Time Away From Social

Being away from our friends and family right now can make us turn to social media, to keep us all feeling connected, but sadly not everything we see and read on social media can be good for our minds. So If it’s all getting too much for you right now, make sure you take some time out from social media. And make sure your avoiding reading or following anything that adds to your stress and worry.






Journal Writing

Keeping a diary or journaling has proven to benefit our mental health and starting one during this crazy and uncertain time can help to keep your grounded. It can be your private space to vent your feelings and worries. 


A small activity to get into the habit of writing down 5 things you’re grateful for or the positives you’ve taken from your day each day.






Eating Well

What you eat has a huge impact on how you feel within your body, mind and soul. With our current situation, making us turn to the snacks every second, It can be so easy right now to slip into making too many bad choices when it comes to what you’re eating. Set yourself small goals when it comes to your food intake. Allow yourself treats but make sure you eat with care and aim to have at least one piece of fruit a day , as well as greens with every meal.





 Working Out

 Exercise is proven to have endless benefits for your mind, body and mental health. As it helps the release of good endorphins into your brain. So a great little habit to pick up now, is to try and work out just a little every day. Whether this be a simple circuit you can do in your home, your favourite morning yoga YouTube tutorial or just a daily walk around your local neighbourhood.


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