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Happy Easter: Exceptional Easter Egg Treats

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By Libby Holland



Seeing as it is Easter it would almost seem wrong for us not to drool over all things chocolate and in particular any chocolate that is shaped like an egg. From your classic Cadbury favourites to something a little fancier. 

If there is one day a year where it is acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea - then today is that day!!


So to celebrate this Easter we are sharing with you some of the most mouth watering Easter Egg treats there are - and even better there super easy to recreate at home. Because Easter isn’t just for kids, right?





Hot Chocolate

How have we never thought of this before? Break your egg into pieces and slowly let it melt into the boiling hot milk. Not only does this leave you with a layer of melted goodness it also makes for the creamiest, thickest hot chocolate you’ve ever had. 






This seems like the newest food trend this Easter and with everyone staying at home this Easter we’ve all got our aprons on. So crumble your base, whisk up your flavoured filling and top with a cascade of chocolaty treats, and melted sauces. Erm yes please, like I’ll take 10. 





If you fancy something a little less like a chocolate comma for your Easter treat, then why not try this sweet breakfast treat. Just swap your usual bowl for a Egg of your choice, fill it in flavoured Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and top with a selection of granola, oats and nuts and you’ve got yourself a somewhat healthy Easter treat.






Or scrap the idea of healthy all together! I mean that is the one perk of the day right? For a less than healthy Easter cereal treat and fill your bowl with your favourite chocolate cereals, top with left over chocolate pieces, melted chocolate sauce and all that is left is to just add milk. So what milk will you choose, normal or chocolate too? 



OK I’m drooling are you? 


Easter Sundae: 


The perfect post Easter film night snack, layer scoops of your favourite ice cream under mounds of chocolate pieces, button, marshmallow, Carmel and whipped cream. The options for this are endless, once your creation is complete, curl up on the coach and stuff your face full! It is Easter after all!




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