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Elle Woods Most Iconic Legally Blonde Looks

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By Libby Holland

As we Celebrate Reese Witherspoon’s Birthday today,  we here at Hachu decided to look back on one of our favourite films of all time, and reminisce the most iconic looks served to us by the perfect in pink queen that is Elle Woods.


The pink, the heels, the Elle Woods of it all.


First impressions are everything right?
When Elle arrives on campus, she's wearing a matching pink p-leather jacket and skirt set. She completes the look with large, pink-tinted sunglasses. Giving us all kinds of pretty in pink biker sheek.

Elle looks stunning here as she channels one of Jackie Kennedy's most iconic outfits. She is absolutely ready to take the New England lifestyle by storm. Pairing her matching dusky pink co-ord with some serious embellished shoe goals Elle gives us a glimpse of just how iconic her wardrobe really is.




If there's one thing Elle wears more than anything else in Legally Blonde, and thats tight pink halter dresses. And can you blame her? This pink sundress is completely timeless. The v-neck, the halter, the floaty skirt, the very-2001 shades — all of it makes for the perfect summertime outfit, especially the hot pink hue.



Elle is the whole package: she's got beauty and she's got brains. But even more importantly, she is a kind and giving individual who makes the world a better place.

And she  looks radiant in this outfit while she is presenting her case. This is the scene where everyone looks at Elle and doubts her as a lawyer because of her feminine charm and pink getup It’s a delicate mix of fashion and formality that sums up Elle Woods’ style-conscious compromise between beauty and power. 




It was all about the accessories with this look:

Who knew one shade of pink can be so versatile in this look. As Elle gets acquainted with Harvard, while wearing a pink beret and matching pants with a chain belt, worn with a sparkly off-the-shoulder crop top and finished off with the best accessory a girl can have - her beloved pooch.




And for the grand finale of most iconic Elle Woods look, we had to go with her classic playboy bunny costume during the Halloween party mishap. Because how can we ever forget this scene or this look? 

Elle could be embarrassed by the fact that she is the only person who showed up in a costume - its everyone's worst fear right?  but instead she chooses to take her hot look with stride. But who could blame her?




What could possibly be more iconic than the legally blonde wardrobe? 

The fact that 19 year! YES we said it, 19 years since Legally Blonde hit the big screen, Reese Withersoon still owns and wears some of her most iconic pieces! 



What your Favourite Legally Blonde Look? 


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